About Techline Twin Cities-Fitted Furniture

We're much more than a furniture store.

For over 30 years, Techline Twin Cities has specialized in fitted furniture solutions built with our modular furniture. Our experienced architects and interior designers work with you from concept through completion to create a space that suits your unique tastes, lifestyle and budget. As of 2022, Techline Twin Cities is now part of the Minnesota Office Furniture family. 

Our Story

One of the first five Techline studios in the country, Techline Twin Cities was founded in 1986 by licensed architects Scott Landseidel and Kevin Pfeifer. From day one, Kevin and Scott used their architectural experience as a foundation for design-focused solutions for home and office.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with individually designed, high-quality furniture solutions at a fraction of the cost of custom-made furniture. We’re committed to working with you from the design phase through installation to create a space that fits you perfectly.

Techline Twin Cities is "Furniture that Fits"

Unlike off-the-shelf products, our furniture solutions are designed especially for you and your space. Our furniture is modular, which means every piece in the system works together to create your perfect room.

Each piece is built using only the highest-quality materials — another factor that sets us apart from our retail competition. Instead of paper-covered pressboard, our work surfaces are made of impact-resistant, high-pressure laminate that can take a beating. Instead of economy-grade hardware, we rely on commercial-grade hardware that stands up to years of use.

Want to see the difference for yourself? Visit our showroom